by RS engine technology

Specialist for large-volume 2-stroke engines

The company RS-Motorentechnik specializes in the repair of 2-stroke engines. Although the focus here is on large-volume engines, any type of engine can be serviced, repaired and overhauled. From cylinder coating, balancing the crankshaft to welding the aluminum housing, everything is done.

When hobby and passion become a vocation...

... then that is our second task. After several years of racing experience, I can understand the needs of our customers very well and thus tailor their motorcycle perfectly to them.
We can install the best components for you, from fairing to test bench tuning, anything is possible.

Raimund Andreas Söllinger

I started my apprenticeship as an automotive technician in 1997, which I successfully completed in 2001 with very good results. In 2007 I started to build engines at Rübig Motorentechnik under the direction of Ing. Josef Hattinger. In 2014 I took over the tasks of purchasing and sales as well as the further development of the engines. In 2020 the Rübig company offered me the racetrack service with the founding of my own company RS Motorentewchnik.
From this point in time, my career as an entrepreneur started, with which I created the basis for today's company. When I was offered the opportunity to take over engine technology in 2022, I didn't have to think long. Thus, as of November 2022, all activities of the Rübig engine technology company became my property.

How MTH became MEGA RS

The engine technology was launched in the 90s by Ing. Josef Hattinger with the company MTH.
In 2007 the Rübig company was taken over and the name was changed to MTR. After Josef Hattinger went into well-deserved retirement, the MEGA brand was created from MTR.
In 2021, the engine technology division was taken over by the company RS Motornetechnik with owner Raimund Andres Söllinger and the MEGA brand was followed by the abbreviation RS,
So the current engine is called MEGA RS and is produced and further developed near Wels.