The MEGA RS SC750 GP23 sidecar engine

former MTH MEGA Rübig engine

Technical specifications

Bore / stroke: 103 mm / 89 mm*
Displacement: 742 ccm*
Fuel: Super unleaded
Mixing ratio: 1:40*
Connecting rod bearing: cage bearing
Piston Pin Bearing: Full needle
Piston: Forged, hard anodized
Spark plug: NGK*
Spur gear with straight teeth
Clutch: multi-disc
(9 discs) disc clutch / oil bath
Transmission oil: ATF** / Gearbox light**
Transmission: 4-speed claw shift
Ignition: PVL analog**
Cylinder: Nikasil coated
Inlet: double V diaphragm
Weight: 32.5kg

* New from 2020
**New from 2023

The most important innovations

Reinforced crankcase (at the swingarm deflection)

Reinforced crank drive with newly designed balancing factor

Reinforced connecting rods and crank pins

Redesigned cylinder inner shape

Improved flask shape

improved burn volume

Changed inlet geometry

Reinforced clutch

Analog dual spark ignition system

Customized exhaust system

Improved carburetor tuning

84 hp

104 Nm

After extensive testing with our racing drivers, the measures listed are a further development to improve the MEGA RS engine. Thanks to the reinforced crank drive and the modified piston shape, we were able to significantly increase the service life of our engine. By redesigning our cylinder, the engine now has more power and torque, with better modulation throughout the range.