The MEGA RS Kart

former Rübig MEGA Kart

Ready-to-assemble MEGA RS Kart
including accessories and attachments

  • Technical specifications

    → 650cc 2-stroke, 1 cylinder engine, liquid-cooled

    → Nikasil-coated cylinder

    → Diaphragm controlled inlet

    → Programmable ignition system (max. 8,500 rpm)

    → Electric starter

  • Basic motor MEGA R01 including accessories

    → RACE centrifugal clutch

    → Carburettor Bing

    → Motor mount

    → Exhaust manifold

  • attachment parts

    → Wiring harness complete with relay

    → E-ignition box with holder

    → Jump-start cable with connector

    → Dashboard

    → Cable complete

    → Fuel hose

    → Gasoline filter

Der Motor im Detail

1 Zylinder / 650 ccm / 2-TAKT

Bore / stroke: 98 / 86 mm

Displacement : 648.7 cc

Fuel: unleaded / 95 octane

Crankshaft bearing: 2 cylindrical roller bearings - coated

Connecting rod bearing: needle bearing

Piston pin bearing: full needle bearing

Piston: light alloy - forged

Spark plug: ND W27ESZU

Carburettor Bing: Diaphragm carburettor

Clutch: 3 shoes - centrifugal clutch

Drive Chain: 1/2" x 5/16" (428)

Weight: 26kg

The MEGA RS motor convinces...

... through its performance with a compact design and minimal weight.

No distractions from gear changes, always two hands on the steering wheel, full concentration on the ideal line.

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MEGA-RS rear axle


The quality of the rear axle is of crucial importance for the demanding kart driver.

Many years of use in karting has proven that MEGA-RS rear axles have an extremely long service life and therefore offer a high level of safety.

  • Excellent driving characteristics

    By using an alloyed steel and a special heat and plasma-enhanced surface treatment, the axle has proven itself overall with excellent driving characteristics in every area.

  • Light weight

    In addition to the optimal driving characteristics, the rear axle shaft shines with its low weight and long service life.

  • Easy construction

    It is also easier to disassemble and assemble compared to standard axles, since the deformation of this axle is much less when using locking screws.

2 strength classes

Soft version: MEGA-RS 50
Hard version: MEGA-RS 55
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